Shades Crest Baptist Church
We are a multi-generational, missional community of believers
serving and growing together to build God's Kingdom
in our lives, our community, and the world.



Welcome to Shades Crest Baptist Church!

Shades Crest Baptist is a caring congregation that welcomes anyone and everyone. Come discover the joy that we have when we come together to worship God in spirit and in truth.



Statement of Purpose

Shades Crest Baptist Church is a community of faith formed in Christ for the glory of God and the sake of others.



Community of Faith - Fellowship

We value strong relational connections and clear multi-faceted communication within the church body in order to develop a healthy community of faith.


Formed in Christ - Discipleship

We value the importance of deepening the spiritual life of the congregation in order to take on more of the character, values, and mission of Christ.


Glory of God - Worship

We value authentic worship that focuses on God and reflects the diverse worship needs within the body in order to bring glory to God.


Sake of others - Missions and Evangelism

We value being an outwardly focused congregation in order to express tangible acts of care to others and to communicate the gospel message to those who need to receive it.


About Us


Shades Crest History


1954 - 2011 and Beyond


  • Shades Crest was organized in 1954 by forty-five individuals with a determined commitment to found a Baptist Church in the Bluff Park area of suburban Birmingham in what is now Hoover, Alabama. 
  • Although advised and encouraged by other Baptist churches, Shades Crest was never a mission of another church.

  • From the beginning this handful of people under the leadership of the Holy Spirit assumed responsibility for planning and developing a church. They began with a simple but full program of spiritual growth which soon became a body of Christ serving through multiple opportunities in the community, city, state, nation, and world. As such, Shades Crest has maintained a family spirit while pioneering in children's, youth, recreation, senior adult, music, and practical mission ministries.

  • Shades Crest has grown 

-from a budget of $0 to one of about $1,600,000 a year; 

-from an annual mission expenditure of less than $250 in 1954 to one of almost $200,000 in 2006;
-from bare land to a physical plant valued at more than $20,000,000 and still building;
-from a charter membership of 119 to one of 1600 while maintaining small-church relationships of love, mutual support, and affirmation.


  • The history of Shades Crest is that of a stable church of traditional baptistic beliefs, values, and practices but contemporary and missional vision.

  • In its first fifty-two years, the Church has had only four pastors and a comparable number of other staff members whose average tenure is far longer than that of their professional contemporaries.

  • Worshipping, learning, and ministering alongside them have been a host of members of all ages, occupations, professions, and political persuasions -- a cross-section of Bluff Park and surrounding communities -- Shades Crest Baptist Church.

  • Shades Crest focuses on congregational health and missional initiatives. We believe God has created our universe so that healthy things grow in healthy ways. Relationships undergird programs and principles undergird practice.




Worship is an essential feature in the life of Shades Crest.  Each Sunday we gather to be reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.  In response, we have the opportunity to offer our lives to Him in renewed dedication.  We do this because worship is more than an event that happens in a church building one day a week.  True worship is a lifestyle that honors God and reflects His purposes in the world.

This understanding of worship shapes the approach we take to worship planning.  Each service is formed around a central theme found in the scripture.  The elements are chosen to reflect that theme so that the worshiper will have a clear sense of God’s message for the day.

We generally follow a traditional format for worship using the great hymns of the faith along with some of the more modern expressions of worship.  Depending on which service you attend, you might hear the choir offer an anthem of praise or the handbells inviting you to an experience of quiet meditation.  Our orchestra also enhances our worship on many Sundays during the school year.

Of course, preaching is a very important part of the worship experience at Shades Crest.  Biblically grounded messages are shared so that the worshiper will not only understand what God’s truth is but will also know how to apply that truth to everyday life.  As a result, you will be challenged, encouraged, and strengthened in your relationship with God.

Join us for worship at Shades Crest and experience the difference that God wants to make in your life.


We invite you to become a member. Join us. See how.

Shades Crest Baptist Church

452 Park Avenue

Birmingham, AL 35226


PH (205) 822-1360



9:15am Bible Study

10:30am Worship


Wednesday Evening - Midpoint

4:45pm Fellowship Dinner

6:00pm Pastor's Bible Study

Activities for Children & Youth

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