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We are a multi-generational, missional community of believers
serving and growing together to build God's Kingdom
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Bible Study and Worship

Sunday School classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:15.  Emphasis is on worship, Bible study, fellowship and prayer.  There are several Sunday School classes with which seniors can participate.  Each class is structured to teach the Word of God in a format that lends itself to discussion and learning in a friendly, nurturing atmosphere.


Sunday morning worship services are held at 10:30 am. The Gathering convenes on Wednesday evenings at 4:30 pm in our Fellowship Hall.  The church gathers at this time for an evening meal and prayer service.  Dinner reservations must be made through the church office at 822-1360 prior to Tuesday noon of each week.  Standing reservations may be made.


See more about Sunday School.



The Homebound Ministry Team is designed to reach and minister to seniors in our community that are unable to get out on their own. Ministry opportunities include driving seniors to Sunday services; visiting homebound members; and praying for special concerns as they are shared.  The homebound ministry teams also deliver Christmas bags and Easter baskets to homebound members.


Another outreach opportunity is the S.M.A.R.T (small maintenance and repair teams).   S.M.A.R.T is a team of skilled workers who help with odd jobs and basic home maintenance.  A small fund for material costs is maintained through donations.  These ministries provide opportunity for seniors to use their God-given gifts and talents as they continue to be a vital part of the overall ministry of Shades Crest.  If you would like to serve, please contact Mark Johnson.


Senior Adult Choir (The Mountainaires)

Membership in the Mountainaires choir is open to all senior adults. In addition to singing for worship services and special events within the church, the Mountainaires choir is actively involved in Music ministry to area retirement and nursing homes, averaging 5-6 concerts per year. The Mountainaires meet on Thursday mornings at 10:30.



Triple-L: On the third Thursday of every month Senior Adults meet for dinner and a program.  Programs vary from professional acts, entertaining presentations, comedy and choral presentations, and programs highlighting the talents of our members.  Reservations are not necessary and dinner begins at 6 PM. 



Mystery Luncheons: Every quarter we have a scheduled mystery luncheon.  The mystery lunch costs approximately $7 and lasts from 11:30 to 2:00 PM. We depart after Senior Adult Choir practice on Thursdays as scheduled.


Senior Adult Banquet: Every year, in conjunction with Senior Adult Day, the church hosts an annual Senior Adult Banquet.  The meal is prepared by the church food director and served by a wait-staff composed of youth from the church.


Thanksgiving Lunch: This is a new event that will feature Thanksgiving favorites prepared by the seniors. The church food director will prepare the turkey.  Children from the Shades Crest preschool will put on their program prior to the meal.  This is an event you won’t want to miss!


Senior Adult Christmas Banquet:  Another traditional event is the Christmas Banquet.  The church food director prepares the meal that is in turn served by the entire church staff.  After the meal a short program is enjoyed by all. 



A short day trip is planned every quarter, and a longer excursion of three days to a week is organized about every six months.


Telephone Ministry

A ministry in which all seniors can participate, it simply asks that we keep in touch by phone.  It enables us to care for one another in love.  


If you need a ride to church or special events, please contact Mark Johnson.











 Senior Adult Ministries exists to fulfill the following:


1.  To worship our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

2.  To study the Bible together as a family of faith.

3.  To fellowship and pray for one another.

4.  To reach out and minister to our community.


Senior Adult Choir
'The Mountaineers'


Bible Study


Shades Crest Baptist Church

452 Park Avenue

Birmingham, AL 35226


PH (205) 822-1360



9:15am Bible Study

10:30am Worship


Wednesday Evening - Midpoint

4:45pm Fellowship Dinner

6:00pm Pastor's Bible Study

Activities for Children & Youth

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